Leave Grandma at home.

See what happens when you sin with a shiksa!
Jam to Soviet Yiddish Rock!
Hear Einstein’s theory debated by imbeciles!


Five out of the six "Essence..." performances at the NY Fringe Festival were SOLD OUT!




"HILARIOUS AND SMART... There wasn't a dry eye in the room, but the tears were from laughter... The icing on the kichel" --




"AMAZING... Makes you want to laugh and cry... Bursting with things for today's audiences... Not just for the old folks... Do yourself a favor and see it" --


"DELIGHTFUL... Fast-moving, informative, and funny" --





“You’re doing something with Yiddish in it?  Great, I’ll tell my grandmother!”
Not this time.

"You guys are shmaltz-killers!" --
-- A Fan In Sweden

“The Essence” is
a fast-moving revue for people who couldn’t care less about nostalgia, for people who know nothing about Yiddish and couldn’t imagine attending a show with Yiddish in it. 

"I laughed so hard I cried!" --
-- (An Actual Gentile) College Student

It’s about the most expressive and theatrical language in the world, with scenes, sketches, songs, and oddball diversions that run the gamut from the most beautiful poetry to the most rancid melodrama. 
All in
85 minutes.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sing, you’ll get nauseous.

"Shocking!" --
-- Zalmen Mlotek
Artistic Director
Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre
(founded 1915)

And you'll learn one of the best-kept secrets around:

Yiddish is secretly cool.
P.S.  You don’t have to understand a word.


"More fun than Yom Kippur, and a whole lot hipper" --
-- Jackie Hoffman

"The best show, live or otherwise, that I've seen all year" --
-- Bruce Goldstein
Director of
Repertory Programming
Film Forum

  Guaranteed, or
we give you your 85 minutes back.

Special Guest Appearance By Jesus Christ.

Our Fringe Festival run has ended.  If you're one of the several hundred people who were turned away... please accept our apologies.
But there is some good news: an Off-Broadway run is currently under discussion.  If you'd like us to keep you posted about that,
reach out via our Contact Us page and we'll add you to our mailing list. 
If you're like information about getting involved -- ideally as a small investor -- let us know that, too.

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Walk in happy.
Walk out Jewish.

The Essence: A Yiddish Theatre Dim Sum

(photo: George Xenos)